Donation for the Christmas for those who need it the most

Great success. Solidarity Movement of Australia raised $ 2250 in just a few days. We bought 20 x $ 100 Gift Vouchers from Woolworth’s and 5 x $ 50 Gift Vouchers from Coles for that. All Vouchers have been given to Colleen who will pass it on to those who need it the most. Thank you for all your support. Only positive energy 🙏🙏🙏 Below respond from Colleen and this is to all of us : “My dearest brother,I have many photos to send.The gift of love from the polish community and Solidarity movement touched so many life’s.I will be taking gift hampers I will put together,for Canberra for the sovereign people up there at parliament house.These will be of food and personal care,plus medical supplies I feel they will need.All will be photographs for you from Canberra,To see your gift of love reached them,Together we will bring change,and show being humble and the light of love will always heal the lost souls.Who need uplifting,this is our Truth,our pledge to the People we will bring change.Our journey dear brother continues.many blessings”

Thank you again to everyone who donated.

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