They will be activating 5G in the next few weeks, if you are in massive crowds you will see people dropping like flies before your eyes due to the vaccinated being activated bio weapons.

I do not want to alarm you, however this is the reality of the world we live in unfortunately.


I have been contacted by Australian Military, they have advised to upload the following App



This APP is an Encryption Signal Messaging app that the military use



🚨Threat Assessment: 8 Jan 2022. Compiled by: CPL Scott Howe Retired.

Threat: 5G Towers / Microwaves.

Potential to Occur: Highly likely



Since start of Pandemic, while the world went into lockdowns, 5G Towers were installed in record numbers, in record time, right across the globe. Major population centres are now saturated with 5G Towers.


As 5G is still relatively new technology and only now being implemented live across the globe, There is no long term studies on the effects of it on humans or the environment, this is extremely concerning considering 5G tech is based on high level of microwave signals being emitted by the towers at levels that really do have serious effects on the human body. Early investigative Research and Data has now shown that the 5G towers and the technology and equipment used for it have the real potential to inflict serious health injuries onto humans. The very fact that who ever is in control of these towers, has the ability to boost up the microwave levels to catastrophic levels is real, as technology and equipment is capable which is currently installed and operating globally in all major population centres of emitting devastating microwave radiation levels.

These towers are showing to be creating a warming effect on the world and countries they are now installed in and switched on.



We have seen world Governments now continue with the crime of the fake pandemic of CV-19. They continue to double down and drive forward with their plan of a reset. In order to maintain the level of confidence our Governments are displaying as their narrative begins to crumble, should be of utmost concern. It is assessed that in order to remain so confident in the face of irrefutable evidence that a crime is being committed by the UN, WHO and in conjunction with our world Governments, our enemies have a plan that must be of the utmost devastation to citizens and societies globally.


Our enemies know, that as they progress and increase the oppression, the citizens will begin to rise up on mass to demonstrate their opposition to their actions and decisions. This is called pre-emptive assessment of a battleground. It is assessed highly likely our enemies will utilise the 5G network to murder, injure and maim on mass when world demonstrations begin to kick off in a coordinated manner. For example, the world freedom rally’s being promoted globally for a set date. Our enemies have access to tech that can now cause mass injury and death.




All mass demonstrations planned and coordinated to cease immediately. The major leaders of resistance to Government mandates and vaccines to sync into the National Communication frame work to reassess and plan based on current intel and threat.


As major population centres are now saturated with 5G towers and network, it is highly recommended to pull back major populations to the fringes and rural areas of society that are not saturated with 5G in order to provide a safe battle space from high level microwaves. It would be considered a trap and suicide to continue mobilising on mass in areas saturated with 5G and the real potential threat it can cause to citizens. As we have now learnt, our governments will go to any and all lengths to achieve their end state goal which is to enslave humanity to a digital, biometric identification and social credit system along with wiping out a sizable portion of the population through a Bioweapon Drug disguised as a vaccine. Holding and occupying a concrete jungle does not fit any purpose. Holding and mobilising on ground that is of extreme value through, agriculture, horticulture and ground of our choosing is highly recommended. This type of battle space provides more avenues of movement, supply and maintains the initiative if we are to keep fed, watered and supplied on mass.


French rebels have begun taking down towers all over France. Some reports and videos of US Patriots beginning to take towers down are also beginning to surface across the USA.



End Assessment.




Scott Howe

Corporal, ADF Retired


8 Jan 2022

🇦🇺 National Resistance Communications Network.

Mission Statement:

To establish a National operations HQ which is now manned 24/7 for the distribution of intelligence and communications between all major resistance groups across Australia. This communication framework is vital to disseminate information and to allow the Australian people to raise an organised militia and resistance to the current Treasonous and Genocidal Government.


The encrypted messenger service “Signal” has been identified as the best “Fit for purpose communications service.

An Operations HQ group has now been established for each state on Signal. All key players and stake holders to consolidate to their respective State group for encrypted communications.

The “National Operations” HQ group is established and should consist of all state leaders and stake holders.

The “National Operations HQ” group is now manned and staffed 24/7. The mission of National Operations HQ is to provide real time intelligence and information gathering and sharing. This is where state leaders and stake holders come together to discuss intel and information, asses intel and information and form strategies and action plans in accordance with the current intel and information.


Velvet Revolution Australia United We Stand TAKE NOTE:




Stay up to date with what is happening around Australia under our Velvet Revolution website via these links and please register to stay informed.


I have never asked before for donations but l find myself having to ask now,

Can you please make a donation to our website so we can afford to maintain all of our expenses incurred by this massive effort, even if it’s only $10 we really need financial support 🙏🏼

Thank you so much.






Velvet Revolution advises not to send your children to school as they will be jabbing our babies between the ages of 5 to 11 from the 10th of January 2022. Please put in an application to home school your children so you are covered under the education act and therefore they can’t touch you or your children.

Protect your neighbours, if you see anyone trying to take children away from a family please confront these criminals and stop them from separating family, all community members must take action to stop criminal activity, you have a lawful right to self defence if they threaten to take your children.



In addition we have contacted

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Mike Yeadon

X Scientist for Pfizer

Post this everywhere



Lyn Bennetts

Commonwealth Public Official

Velvet Revolution Australia United We Stand

AGAINST Treason, Tyranny, Fraud, Treachery & Political Corruption!

AGAINST All Abuse, Especially Child Abuse, Rape, Torture, Murder, Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia!

AGAINST Mandatory Vaccines, Vaccine Passports & NO JAB – NO JOB!

Researchers of Australia’s Political History

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