31/01/2022 Update from Velvet Revolution – Lyn Bennetts

YOU ALL DID EXCELLENT TODAY THANK YOU🙏🏼 l have been hearing stories of success from all around Australia!

This is Additional Evidence to present to Police today or tomorrow please:

Can you please print off a copy of the “Sanctioned Lawful Moratorium” and the “Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK Your RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES Doc” and present these documents as evidence to all police headquarters and other police stations throughout the country as well please; old stations that have been visited previously and also take them into the Australian Federal Police Stations for investigation, (It is up to us to educate our police force) they have been lied to like the rest of us.
The Sanctioned Lawful Moratorium document is the one l read out to the people at Melbourne Parliament House on Peter Little’s video and the people all started UNITING under Velvet Revolution, so if the people understood all this information then that is what we need to present to the police stations as additional evidence. I have all the links in that document that proves this is all lawful, l outline the laws the Corporation have broken, the HELINSKI Code, Nuremberg Code, Nuremberg Principals along with all of our RIGHTS to Lawfully Remove The Government.


In addition, the “Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK Your Rights & Responsibilities Document” also needs to be presented as evidence, both are printable documents off our Website


Commonwealth-Of-Australia-Constitution-Act-1900-UK.-Your-Rights-Responsibilities (pdf)Download

We will give the Police Headquarters and the Australian Federal Police all this week up until Monday the 7th of February to study this information and to then be on the right side of history and help us arrest these criminals.

I will see you all in Canberra with our Convoys who are coming from all over Australia through to Tuesday the 8th of February 2022.


Lyn Bennetts
Commonwealth Public Official
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Mandatory Vaccines, Mandatory Vaccine Passports & No Jab No Job.
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