Saving Australia 2022 – most important !!!

This is most important at the moment !!!!!

Elect. 2022

Hi .

Please send this message to all freedom candidates and freedom supporters. Please join Darren on his website

It was very obvious that Election is fraudulent and illegal. We can change everything if we fight together in SOLIDARITY and destroy illegal governments in court. We all need to put our EGO on side and support Darren Bergwerf, Candidate for Dunkley in Victoria because he and Derek Belogh from Educate for Protection have already started court proceedings against FRAUDULENT  FEDERAL ELECTION 2022. Please talk to your team and all your supporters. We need everyone on board and we need to be united.  All what we are asking is that everyone will send email to all Senators from each state and ask for : Certified copy, or, a COPY of the Governor of  your State and the –

  1. WRIT for the Senate, at 2019 Federal Elections, from Governor of your State, &
  2. WRIT for the Senate, at 2022 Federal Elections, from Governor of your State,
  3. Documents showing when and where the Writ’s were published.

Watch this video and please ask everybody to respond to Derek. We are very serious about the future of Australia.
This is most important at the moment !!!!!

Please contact Derek and send him email :
You can find all info also on Solidarity Movement of Australia – Telegram and on our website:
Leszek – Solidarity Movement of Australia

Please get serious.  It’s time to UNITE and stand in SOLIDARITY behind the Darren Berwerf  Candidate for Dunkley in Victoria.

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