\Stand UP to Tyranny and end the Genocide.

Unite with like-minded Australian Brothers and Sisters to participate in local actions that will lead to societal change.

End the Political and Judicial LAWLESSNESS, Medical APARTHEID and Crimes against Humanity.

Establish new Govermental and Legal Systems.

Ready for governing ourselves after we achieve VICTORY.

Become Strong, Proud and Free Australians once more!



The Solidarity Movement of Australia’s 24 Demands

Solidarity Movement of Australia
No matter of our origins, race, culture, background, we’ve been called together to unite.
We, The people, united in solidarity, stand for freedom, rights, justice and truth.
We call on all to unite: as together, we can make the necessary changes to this world to bring it out of the abyss into which it has fallen.
Together, in solidarity, we are stronger.
Together, in solidarity, we can overcome.
Together, in solidarity, we are the change.

Solidarity Movement of Australia Demands  :

  1. Release all suppression orders
  2. Release all covid-19 data withheld by government
  3. Trial and prosecute all those who are complicit in crimes against humanity
  4. Withdraw & cease from the WHO, Lima, UN & other declarations and conventions
  5. Cease foreign ownership of natural resources, land Can you tell me what demands your people have
  6. No un-legislated mandates… Ever!
  7. No compelled medical procedures… Ever!
  8. No lock-downs… Ever!
  9. No censorship or de-platforming imposed by government… Ever!
  10. No government owned or funded media… Ever!
  11. Local selection of judges.
  12. Referendums on key issues.
  13. The right to recall politicians.
  14. Open public debate without censorship.
  15. Transparent health care costs.
  16. Recognize parental authority in matters of education and medical treatment.
  17. Sovereignty over environmental regulations.
  18. Sovereign local tax collection.
  19. Restore Manufacturing, remove sanctions on exports
  20. Restitution or monetary compensation for those that have been subjected to illegal covid-19  mandates.
  21. Students should not be blocked from attending school due to medical procedures they or their families oppose.
  22. We want amendments to the Constitution of Australia to prevent the future abuse of power by the elected and non elected individuals that we are seeing today.
  23. Recognize, restore ALL Inalienable – political, civil, social, cultural and economic rights – are equal in importance and none can be fully enjoyed without the others.
  24. Clergy should be free to peacefully assemble.

Poland’s Solidarity Movement!

Poland repelled the Bolsheviks and the Nazis…

Polish People were again attacked by Communists…

Polish People put aside their differences…

Polish People created the SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT!

Polish People were VICTORIOUS!

Polish People changed the face of Eastern Europe’s Nazi/Communist occupation!


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