Saving Australia 2022 – most important !!!

This is most important at the moment !!!!! Elect. 2022 Hi . Please send this message to all freedom candidates and freedom supporters. Please join Darren on his website It was very obvious that Election is fraudulent and illegal. We can change everything if we fight together in SOLIDARITY and destroy illegal governments …

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Respond from the Office of Victorian Senator David Van – NO WRIT for 2019 and 2022 Federal Election

documents_relating_to_the_calling_of_the_election_for_18_may_2019-120220410 Documents relating to the calling of the 2022 Federal Election Van, David (Senator) <> 15:35 (3 hours ago) Good afternoon, Earlier this afternoon you called the office regarding the writs from the 2019 and 2022 elections, please see attached. Kind regards, Office of Senator David VanSenator for Victoria to me

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